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Real-time food: Making bread easy

This is me making bread.

If you thought making bread was difficult, challenging, or just takes too long, in this series of videos I take you through the process step by step.

Expect to spend 4 hours total with only about 20 minutes of actual activity.

The video below is eleven and a half minutes of delicious awkwardness.

After the first proof, we need to punch or round the dough and let it proof again.

For an idea about what this is like, see this next video, where I do very little, and my dough arrives at it’s final destination…the oven.

Finally, we taste the bread! Watch me chew in your face, and be so grateful that I’m the one eating and not the one watching.

Here is the recipe:

Whole Wheat Bread

8 oz water

2½ tsp yeast

1 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp molasses

1½ cups bread flour

¾ cup whole wheat flour

1½ tsp salt

*This is a base recipe. Have fun with it! You could add approximately ½ cup of oats, seeds, raisins, craisins or other dried fruit, olives, roasted garlic, cheese…don’t be afraid to experiment.

Happy baking!


Extra Fine Motor Skills

About a month ago I fractured my right wrist, and I’m right-handed. I ended up having surgery, the result of which is a screw in my arm, and literal black (or rather, white) mark on any future x-rays of said wrist.


Another result of this fracture is my inability to do anything. For a person who is not used to asking for help, being left short handed is a real burden. No pun intended. :/

In spite of my limitations, I wanted to surprise my wife because our anniversary is coming up.


I wrote all of this with my left hand, if you can believe it. I could hardly believe it myself. I thought it was a pretty good showing. It took me an hour though, so  there’s a trade off.


Along with the challenges of writing, eating is also a special time. It is impossible to cut anything myself, so in order to not ask for help, I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches. A girl may not live by handhelds alone, so the other day I bought some fried chicken at Publix. It was great then, but  today I’ll add them to some cheese and a flour tortilla.

For our viewing pleasure, my wife had downloaded An Extra Slice, which is a recap show for the Great British Bake Off. We love this show, and we watch them both religiously.


I saw this mold kit at Winn Dixie for $2.99, which is pretty much a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love Jell-o? Next time, I’ll add alcohol!