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Extra Fine Motor Skills

About a month ago I fractured my right wrist, and I’m right-handed. I ended up having surgery, the result of which is a screw in my arm, and literal black (or rather, white) mark on any future x-rays of said wrist.


Another result of this fracture is my inability to do anything. For a person who is not used to asking for help, being left short handed is a real burden. No pun intended. :/

In spite of my limitations, I wanted to surprise my wife because our anniversary is coming up.


I wrote all of this with my left hand, if you can believe it. I could hardly believe it myself. I thought it was a pretty good showing. It took me an hour though, so  there’s a trade off.


Along with the challenges of writing, eating is also a special time. It is impossible to cut anything myself, so in order to not ask for help, I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches. A girl may not live by handhelds alone, so the other day I bought some fried chicken at Publix. It was great then, but  today I’ll add them to some cheese and a flour tortilla.

For our viewing pleasure, my wife had downloaded An Extra Slice, which is a recap show for the Great British Bake Off. We love this show, and we watch them both religiously.


I saw this mold kit at Winn Dixie for $2.99, which is pretty much a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love Jell-o? Next time, I’ll add alcohol!


Those were not beignets!

I wish I had taken a picture! Oh, wait, Disney took one for me!

Inside, the beignets are hollow

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one says it all.

My first bite into this so called beignet, and I immediately said, “this is not a beignet!” Liz had already eaten one, and considering our love of food, I thought she would have said something if it wasn’t up to par. Apparently, she isn’t very familiar with beignets.

The “beignet” in question was at at a Disney Resort. It wasn’t at just any Disney Resort, it was at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. I would have thought…well, anyway. The thing (not really a beignet) was HOLLOW! A proper beignet is NOT hollow. It is a soft pillow of fried dough, bathed in powdered sugar. It needs nothing else. This was like an empty pillow case. It was SO disappointing, and it wasn’t even tasty. It was tough and chewy, and I could not finish it. Anyone who knows will tell you I finish most everything even when I don’t care for it. If it is edible, I eat it, because I hate to waste food (or alcohol).  So when I don’t finish, it must be really unpalatable for me.

I don’t know what was going on that day, but whoever made those, or supervised, was not from New Orleans and knew nothing about beignets. Honestly, it was as if they ran out of beignet dough and used the cinnamon roll dough instead. It also had cinnamon in the dough, which on its own would not be a bad thing if it had been executed well, even though a traditional beignet does not have cinnamon.

Now that I think about it, while I was there I did see a woman smashing two pieces of dough together behind the counter and I thought, ” I wonder what she’s making?” Since you don’t make beignets or cinnamon rolls by smashing bits of dough together, I assume she was making my faux beignets. What a let down!

I’m feeling the need to make a real beignet now. Until next time…

Chachos = White Trash Nachos


Saltines, cheddar (or Velveeta for the discerning palate), bacon bits. ‘Nuf said!

Right Back Focaccia

I used to work in a bakery, but it wasn’t a bread bakery. It was a custom cake and high end dessertery (yes I just made that word up). When I would say this to people they would inevitably lift their heads a bit and say, “Ooooh, what time do you have to wake up in the morning?” We opened at 9am, and I got there at 9am. No early mornings here! All of this is to say that until my current position at a restaurant where we make our own bread daily, I had never made bread, except in school.
The Sous Chef where I currently work is always challenging me to make new things or to make them fresher or better or more authentic, all of which I resist because it is so much easier to stick to what I know. The other day he made some spectacular roasted caramelized onions and suggested we use them on a focaccia. We had some slightly overproofed pizza dough, and I suggested we use them instead, but he said I should make a real focaccia dough. Begrudgingly, I proceeded to pull out my book and look for a recipe. The end result was so amazing that the kitchen staff and servers ate most of it, and left very little for any customers. One of the perks of the kitchen, I guess.
So, Tony, here in black and white, thanks for pushing the boundaries of what I want to do. Thanks for believing that I can do anything. I will push back, you just need to keep pushing a bit harder.


St. Vrain Tripel Ale – named after a creek, modelling good monk brewing techniques!

At DaDa today in Delray Beach I got to try one of their Micro-Brews of the Week. The St. Vrain Tripel Ale comes from Left Hand Brewing (links to follow once I’m not blogging from my phone).

This beer got my wine-loving girlfriend to have two sips and say that she would drink it.

Drinkability is very high with this one. It pours a pale lemonade yellow with a bit of cloudiness. We had a 22oz, and at 9% abv it is nice little beer.

I love this beer and it may be my new favorite of the moment.

Thank you DaDa for keping the beer drinking elite in mind.

Stay tuned, as I will be linking this post up in the near future.

ChocoVine – not beer but still surprisingly tasty

This is my first post from the field. I am at a housewarming party and they have this strange new “wine” made with “fine Dutch chocolate and red wine”.

Truth be told it is not as vile as it sounds. It actually tastes like Godiva Liquor with a higher alcohol content. It comes in a wine bottle and actually has 14% alcohol by volume.

Tastes great with whipped cream on the rocks. We intend to put it in a blender next time.

Stay tuned for the next post which will indeed by about beer!