The damage we did.
Six fine selections from Pike Brewing

Our beer tasting begins with Chickadees,  savory cheesy crackers much like Goldfish, if not exactly, but they can’t be called Goldfish you know, because they are Chickadee shaped and calling them Goldfish would just be weird. We also have a goat’s milk brie which has a really nice light tang, and a softer texture than regular brie, which tends to have a thicker consistency. There are six women tasting the beers tonight. Let it never be said that women don’t drink beer! And we have a new taster imported from the lovely state of New York. Our tasting tonight was single minded in that we had six different beers from the same brewery, and today it was Pike Brewing from Seattle. I was able to get all of these at Total Wine on special for $3.99 each large bottle of 1 pint 6 fl. oz. Thank you Total Wine!

We had ourselves a little  Naughty Nellie to start with, and really who hasn’t had that little trollop. She was light pale golden yellow color, and a very easy to drink flavor. Our newbie astutely comments that the first draught tastes like lychee….interesting! Pike agrees that you will get some mild fruity esters. What’s an ester? Overall it starts with a very floral nose and flavor, and ends without any bitterness. Highly drinkable! This beer is also highly carbonated. The bubbles tickle the tongue when the slightly opaque pale yellow amber is held there. 

For the second ale we have the Kilt Lifter, but it’s not lifting our spirits thus far. The beer has a strong alcohol flavor according to one of our tasters despite having only 6.5% alcohol. Pike says this is a Ruby ale, and we don’t know what that means, but after some discussion we agree that the aftertaste is kind of like bitter coffee. I don’t know about that assessment, but see what beer advocates have to say. This beer definitely does not go with my spectacular grilled cheese on steroids. For the purposes of this blog, grilled cheese on steroids is defined as two pieces of light sourdough sandwiching cheddar cheese, herb chive cream cheese spread, and roma tomatoes. Can you say, “Dee-lish! After having that lovely flavor in my mouth, the beer tasted even more bitter than it had previously tasted. No thank you Pike!

 The party continues and then we realize we need to start extinguishing candles as they start to drip on our snacky treats. Don’t nobody mess with our snacky treats, not even nice mood enhancing candles!

 The next beer we sampled is the Pike Pale Heirloom Amber Ale. While this beer still has some very light tangy notes, it is much more balanced than the Ruby Ale. Rose petal is the first note picked up by my fellow tasters. Then a nice mellow full bodied beer comes through with a slight bitterness that is not at all unpleasant. T-squared says hoppy, like a rabbit. Just kidding. She just said hoppy. I think it was one of the better beers of the evening.  

Next is the Pike Tandem Double Ale. I can’t pinpoint the flavor, because I don’t have my BD (Beeris Doctorate) yet, but there is something in this beer that reminds me of a winter ale. Not sure what it is, but I like it. Since E loves the wheat beers, and some of them have that slight winter spice characteristic, it is no surprise that she likes it.. Please read this first BeerAdvocate review by snaotheus. It explains in many words that end in “y” everything I can’t, which is kind of cool-y. Actually, not, but it is comical.

 Beer #5 is the Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale. This definitely reminds me of a barley wine flavor, which I assume is the honey and spice. This one has a higher alcohol content coming in at 9%. Highly drinkable, says the group here tonight. It has a lighter citrusy berry flavor and no bitter after taste. After consideration this was the nights favorite, but we still have one more beer to sample. Let’s be fair.  

Cold. Black. Coffee. “Excuse me miss. Can I get some sugar and cream over here?” This last beer is the Pike Stout Extra Stout. If we are to assume anything by the plethora of x’s on the label, this beer is a dirty girl. Actually, this stout has a very strong burned flavor. Smoky and thick like oil, it pours from the bottle with a very creamy look and feel to it. Not even the sweet twice baked rum cake bites dipped in chocolate could combat the smoky roasted coffee flavor of this stout. Nonetheless, I drank it up, as did everyone else. Who are we to waste the spoils of an evening with Pike Brewing?

To sum up, my top two were the Monk’s Uncle and the Heirloom Amber. Least fave were the XXXXX Stout and the Kilt Lifter (even with the cool name), and lost in limbo we have the Tandem Double and Naughty Nellie.

Six ladies ventured into the sordid world of Pike Brewing...and they all made it out with...well, with six new beers under their belts.

Six ladies ventured into the sordid world of Pike Brewing...and they all made it out with...well, with six new beers under their belts.