Five little brewskis all in a row

There were five beers in the line-up, and they were all very different. The first one was Captain Sig’s Northwestern Ale from Rogue Brewery. I think I see the patterns of “likes” establishing with my crew during the beer tastings we’ve had, and I’m sure that we will all continue to develop our palates around darker beers. Our determination of long-term drinkability was “definitely not!” Actually not everyone said that, just the majority. My Dad I think would drink a 6 and I could drink a 6, but there will be precious few that don’t fall into that category for me, so it’s almost unfair to ask me. The dark color and strong hoppy flavor were very intense. The beer had a fragrant and flowery scent. We noted the tingling that many other people have mentioned in the BeerAdvocate reviews.

What’s that you say? You haven’t registered as  a member at What the heck are you waiting for? I could bogart all of that wealth of information and make a blog just from that! But I won’t, because this blog is not just about how intelligent I can sound while drinking beer. This blog is about friends and family getting together, tasting beers they like (or not), and talking about what they like (or don’t), and tackling the daunting and awesome task of sampling  the over 1000 beers carried at Total Wine. We shall prevail!

That's me in the back double fisting, and E-Diddy in the front with a bottle on her head...way to go Big Daddy D!

So back to the Nor’wester. My Dad was the only one that placed this in his top two. I thought it was definitely up there, but I also value my LTD, so I couldn’t in good conscience rank it too high. It was very tasty though and had a good flavor, but I would have to say that the LTD was compromised by the long-lasting aftertaste.

Beer number two was a local organic beer from Jupiter Florida called Monk in the Trunk. The website doesn’t say much more than the label does, but can’t you blame them, they’re organic. Actually, this beer was really good and probably the overall favorite of the evening. Four of the six tasters had this beer in their top two. I think my only complaint with this beer was that it wasn’t big enough on flavor. I totally commend Inlet brewing for creating something that the market is definitely going to be attracted to in the near future. There is starting to be a global shift  toward local, organic, and cruelty free foods (Did you feel that? I think it’s the world changing.) So I am proud to say that no hops were harmed in the making of this beer or this blog. There, don’t you feel good about yourself? The beer was clear medium light amber in color and had nice hop undertones that did not linger, thus making this a number 10 on the LTD scale. I could definitely kick these back at a summer barbeque that started at noon and ended at midnight. The label graphics were fun and I’m sure that as this beer and company grow and gather steam there will definitely be some improvements to the website.

Third in the line-up had a very sexy label with someone I’m sure we all know…the devil! I’m speaking of  course of the White Rascal Belgian style Wheat Ale from Avery Brewing Company. You’ll have to click on “Our Ales” from this link or hit the White Rascal bottle at the bottom of the page. Not trying to dumb this down, but I don’t want you to feel lost. (I’m your tour guide, I’m here to take care of you.) The Rascal had a cloudy appearance with a light lemon color. We struggled for a bit, but then we were able to place the coriander flavor that was perplexing us. It had a flavor we all knew but could not place in that regard. Long Term Drinkability was mixed on this beer however, with many people saying they could kick back a six, but a minority of others said they would only do 2 before they had to move on. They obviously didn’t want to dance with the devil…at least not for too long anyway. The flavor was bright and somewhat refreshing in my opinion. If you like wheat beer, I definitely recommend you give it a try.

Beer numero cuatro (that’s number four for those outside South America and Little Cuba aka Miami) was also a wheat beer. This one hailed from Hawai’i in name only as it is actually brewed in New Hampshire. This is taken from the Kona website:

“Under strict guidance, Kona Brewing Company also produces its bottled beer and mainland draft beer in Portland, Oregon, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as part of its partnership with Craft Brewers Alliance Inc.”

The beer is Limited Release Wailua Wheat from Kona Brewing Company. Be sure to click on Brew Specifications to get the digits, y’all. What sets this wheat apart is that it is brewed with Passion Fruit, which gave it a serious wine flavor, at least in MY mouth. I drank this beer and thought I had a slightly fizzy dry chardonnay – it was great. This was definitely one of my favorites, as well as my Mother’s. She loves light beers and holds Coors Light in the highest regard. This should imply nothing about anything, just that she likes Coors Light. Moms other favorite was the Monk in the Trunk. The label is nice and there is a nice little wahine walking up to a waterfall – it makes me want to go back to Maui. AHHHH Maui…….oh sorry just reminiscing. Overall the crew thought LTD was high, but we did have a dissenting opinion. You can never please them all you know, which is evidenced by the range of reviews on BeerAdvocate, with the high at A+ and the low at F.

OK, last beer of the evening was The Chosen Beer except that 4 out of the 4 Jews present said it was definitely NOT their chosen beer. I am speaking of none other the He’Brew Genesis Ale from Schmaltz Brewing Company. The label design was great and it is all put together on the website too. I thought the beer itself was alright, but nothing to write home about. It was not anyone’s fave which means it did not have any advantage at being last thereby swiftly destroying the theory that the drunker you get, the better they taste. I will state for the record that no one was drunk and we all drove home without incident. LTD wasn’t impressive either with this one, with only half of us saying we could power through a six if necessary, or if it was just in the fridge for a while and none of our friends wanted to try something different, or if we had already shelled out the cash and didn’t have the heart to throw it out or give it away. Otherwise, it was great. L’Chaim! To Life!…as they say.

So that rounds out another fun time with ME and my beer loving crew of awesome people.

Keep in touch as the next tasting is a field trip to the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables! Did everyone get their parental waivers signed? We’ll need those before we let you on the bus, no exceptions!