Always watching over us…

Our first beer tasting adventure was a great success! I define success in this case as getting together with E-Diddy in the presence of beer and some snacky treats (thanks to T-Bone).  Since we are not professional beer tasters and are not going to pretend to speak intelligently on undertones and flavor notes, we had to establish what the heck we were doing, and what kind of criteria we were going to use to classify the frosty beverages. So we came up with color, clarity, taste, aroma, label and LTD which stands for Long Term Drinkability (we define this as “could you drink a six pack?”)

The first beer we tasted was the Rogue Dead Guy Ale. I thought it was very nice. It had a hoppy, slight bitter taste that you can expect with a darker brew.  T-Bone said it was hoppy, she thinks. This came from the hobbit size draughts she was having. Not being a beer drinker and not wanting to be left behind, she participated in most of the tasting, just in smaller quantities. She had wine on the side. Hey! I don’t discriminate. Some of my favorite people drink wine. E-Diddy said it had a smooth finish and I thought it had a lot of body. At the time, we did notice the pictographs on the bottle which we assumed meant the beer would go well with pigs and fire. Now I know it means it goes with pork and spicy food. Very clever Rogue!

The second beer was also a Rogue family beer. (There is no real Rogue family, just so you know.) It was the Rogue Chocolate Stout. E-Diddy said she couldn’t describe it, but she knew had smelled this before. (That’s what she said! ……. Actually she did say that, so is the joke on me?) And T-Bone said, “OOH it’s good!” So maybe we can still convert the wine drinkers out there. It’s not all hopppy and yeasty, sometimes it’s about chocolate and more chocolate. Yummy! I thought this was a great stout. It had a light mouthfeel and didn’t feel heavy in the belly, like some stouts tend to be. The LTD on this was was definitely no, but I gave it a caveat and said “not on purpose”. Apparently it goes well with bull head and pie…who knew.

The last beer we had was the Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine Style Ale. Stated proudly on the bottle we saw that this beer had 10.2% alcohol…always a bonus. It had a malty taste and by that I mean that if you’ve had a Steel Reserve or a Mickey’s it is similar. But don’t get me wrong I like all that stuff. It definitely had undertones of wine (oh listen to me ramble about undertones – as I if I knew) and it we all agreed it had serious LTD.  I don’t know if it was because it was last or because it had the highest percentage of alcohol…I don’t judge.

So that was our first foray in the great big world of beers that you can’t find at your local Ale House. For those of you that don’t know Ale House is a chain of sports bar/grill/cheap beer establishments. It doesn’t actually mean that they carry a lot of different ales and hard to find beers. Also, I have just become a member of and I highly recommend it. If you want to read some more scholastic reviews of beer it’s not bad. I’m no scholar, I just love beer!

Until next time, may the hops be with you!