It all started about 3 months ago. We were sitting quietly at a seminar communicating by writing notes so as not to disturb the speaker. The question came up as usual, “What are we gonna do tonight?”  The answer came, also as usual, “Beer!”

We love beer. I love beer! Any kind will do, and I have preferences, but if all you have is Bud Light, it drinks the same.* I usually prefer medium dark beers with flavor but not too long of an aftertaste. One of my all-time favorites is Fat Tire, which I can’t usually get here because it is brewed in Colorado, and I live in South Florida. Woe is me. Anyway, back to the genesis of this project.

I had just been to Total Wine and Spirits for the first time the day before this infamous seminar, and I had the thought, “How long would it take to sample every beer here…and how frickin’ great would that be!” So I plant this seed with my co-conspirator and she says, “Fuck yeah!”  I thought of naming it the B.I.G. project, which stands for Beer Is God. My girlfriend thought it was a bit irreverent, but God put hops and barley on this planet for a reason. Thank you God!

Then three months go by and we keep saying we need to get together and get this beer drinking started, so we finally picked a day and started drinking. We are not trained, except in the school of life (ie: visiting many bars and drinking copious amounts of beer and rarely being let down by the House of Ale.)  Our plan is to get together every week or two, as schedules permit, and slowly but surely make our way through the 1000 or so beers that are carried by Total Wine.

Why Total Wine? No one else has a larger variety that I have seen. If you love wine, beer or spirits, you should make your way to this alcohol mecca. It will blow you away! Some stores even have bottle chillers – you put your bottle of wine or whatever in a contraption and it chills it for you in a matter of minutes…so cool!

So, we embark on a journey through suds and sediment and hops and honey. Through barley and bitter chocolate notes we will forge a path that few have dared traverse!…that’s a bit dramatic. We are actually just friends getting together in a common bond, it’s just that that bond happens to be liquid. Join us! 

*I have to say before we go any further that I am notorious for run-on sentences, so just forgive me and get to the juicy parts about beer already.